Hi there! I'm Martu

Your illustrator, at your service.

What can I do for you?

I come from a very varied background, started in the 3d world and slowly moved towards illustration. I’m comfortable working with traditional and digital media, and can work in a wide range of projects! Most of my work can fit into the following categories:



What better way to communicate, than using the universal language of pictures?


Wraps & Patterns

Spruce up your fleet’s look and have them covered in bespoke doodles!


Stationery & Cards

How about getting actually unique business cards? Get in touch!


“I found Martu to be incredibly talented and also incredibly patient and understanding of constraints… a rare combination!”


Patrick Cresswell

Head Of Marketing at E-Car Club Ltd


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“With so many different styles in her talented pen, Martu is most definitely the right person
for the job if you ever find yourself in need of true illustrative and artistic talent.”


Rosie Malezer

Deaf Author/ Professional Book Reviewer


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