Who's Martu?

minimartu poros

My career in the arts started just like everyone else’s, by drawing when we were little. At some stage, most people stop drawing, but for some reason, I carried on. I felt like it was my thing – I wasn’t good at math or sports, but I was really good at drawing apples and boats, so it became second-nature to take pencils and paper wherever I went.

I chose to study 3d at IMAGE Campus, the first college in Latin America to teach the subject. I was in fact amongst the first 6 graduates, and then decidedly walked away from 3d and into illustration. I missed the freedom of pencils and pens; 3d is a beautiful discipline, but I felt my expression was lost in the mist of technical constraints.

I started freelancing as an artist in 2015, after my comic CV went crazy on LinkedIn and I realised people from all around the world had shared something I drew – maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t only my friends who liked what I made. It was a scary step to show everyone what I do, but it allowed me to do the most rewarding and free job of all: I draw for a living!