Who's Martu?

I attended a beautiful but hectic trilingual secondary school in Argentina, and after graduation, I followed the path of 3d Design. I studied at IMAGE Campus, the first college in Latin America to teach the subject at higher education level (I was in fact amongst the first 6 graduates), and then decidedly walked away from 3d and into illustration and 2D!

In 2014 I moved to London, where my adventure in the art world truly began. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my foot through the door (I actually applied to more than 1000 jobs and signed up with over 80 recruitment agencies). It was a tough time, but after I chose to start freelancing toward the end of 2015, I learned that the way to get noticed was to be different. So I designed a weird-looking comic version of my CV, and just mailed it out around London. And it worked! It went crazy on LinkedIn and Reddit, it was also published on online news’ websites in Australia and Estonia – as a result, I made great new connections, I got a full-time job and many contracts to work on independently, and it’s been a crazy ride ever since!

I am curious by nature and I am always on the hunt for a new application for my illustrations – in a world so saturated by cognitive overload, I am a firm believer that visual language and illustrations are a fun and pleasant way of communicating the most complex concepts. You may have never thought that you could use the help of an illustrator, so let me say, very bluntly, you most certainly do! An illustrator (assuming he/she is the right fit for you and your company, in style, voice, and values) is capable of turning thoughts and undefined ideas into solid, beautiful narratives that will help you see your company under a new light and communicate with your customers in a universal language!

I welcome you to get in touch with me, if you have any questions about how I work or what I could do for you, I’d be more than happy to chat and make a new connection!